Our Honors

“Enterprise with Intellectual Property Advantages Certificate” issued by Qingyuan City Intellectual Property Office in December 2010


“High-tech Enterprise Certificate” issued by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology in October 2013


GMP Certificate for Tobramycin and Acarbose issued by C-FDA in January 2014


“Provincial-recognized Enterprice Technology Center Certificate” granted in February 2014


Veterinary Productin License issued for Doramectin by Guangdong Province Department of Agriculture in September 2015


GMP Certificate issued for Salinomycin Sodium Pre-mix by Guangdong Province Department of Agriculture in September 2015


Passed US-FDA inspection in February 2016


GMP Certificate was issued for Acarbose by C-FDA in May 2016

Business License-Original
Business License 2016
High-tech Enterprise Certificate
Provincial-recognized Enterprise Technology Center
Enterprise with Intellectual Property Advantages
Production License-Original
Production License 1
Production License 2
Original Production License for Doramectin
Production License for Salinomycin
GMP Certificate for Tobramycin & Acarbose
GMP Certificate for Salinomycin
FDA Certification in 2013
FDA Certification in 2016
GMP Certificate for Acarbose
Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate
ISO Certificate for Environmental Management System
Orignial Production License for Doramectin
GMP Certificate for Doramectin